What is the Future of Pharmacy in India

What is the Future of Pharmacy in India?

Pharmacists are responsible for helping patients use medications well in an increasingly complex and costly healthcare system with changes in population demographics, technology government policy, and how health care providers do their work.

What is the Future of Pharmacy in India
Future of Pharmacy in India

The profession of Pharmacy must adapt to tackle the challenges of the future.

So, what is the Future of Pharmacy

The Future of Pharmacy practice is enhanced, connected, and transformed.

The Future of Pharmacy practice is enhanced clinical care; pharmacists will spend more time managing changing patient health needs, including health promotion and disease prevention detection and monitoring.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians will use their full scope of practice and work together to provide clinical care in the future; more vulnerable patients, including those on high-risk medications with many medical conditions, have lower socioeconomic status or low health literacy will be a focus of increased pharmacy attention.

Future of Pharmacy in India

 Pharmacists will know the goals risks and needs of a patient and this knowledge will form the basis of care, patient monitoring and follow-up will become routine preventive care will be planned and organized for each and individual patient or groups of patients and professional pharmacy services will be part of a more holistic care plan, advanced data analytics including artificial intelligence will alert Pharmacists and patients about the drug therapy problems and focused pharmacist efforts to where we can have the most impact use of artificial intelligence will also streamline pharmacy practice by removing uncomplicated work processes from the Pharmacy in the future dispensing medication on-site will no longer be the primary focus of many pharmacies the physical space and workflows in a pharmacy will be improved for better use of a health technology private use of health programs and interprofessional teamwork pharmacists will work with policymakers to lead the development of health and social care policies, that will ensure quality medication management and care will be planned around population needs and care gaps.

The future of Pharmacy practice is connected in the future electronic pharmacy records will be complete so that they show a patient’s medication use and information about health over time, they will include dispensing and professional service delivery records electronic records from other organizations such as primary care hospitals laboratory and diagnostic test results and data from mobile apps that people use in their everyday lives, pharmacists will easily share clinical records with other healthcare providers and with patients themselves

Pharmacists will develop and implement care plans together with their patients and other healthcare team members across the spectrum of care.

This includes helping patients manage chronic disease or hospital admissions, and post-hospital discharge care pharmacists working in different organizations or sectors will fit easily together.

 Pharmacists will seamlessly triage or refer patients to other health and community services while some elements of this future are in place today in some areas of Pharmacy, people will experience this vision of future practice as usual in their everyday lives in all sectors of Pharmacy and in all areas of pharmacy practice enhancing and better connecting the profession of Pharmacy is an exciting opportunity for pharmacists tube part of an integrated care system entered on individual patient needs within their community and throughout every stage of life.

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