Create youtube channel for Kids
Create youtube channel for Kids

Create youtube channel for Kids

Create youtube channel for Kids

Hey Everyone!

So today, we have 10 YouTube Channel Ideas – For KIDS.

So, let’s get started!

At the top of our list, you could start a

  • Challenge channel –

Some challenges you could do is,

Try not to laugh,

Eat it or wear it,

What’s in my mouth.

Let’s do a try not to laugh challenge right now (laughing). You lost.

Next on the list, we have a Vlogging channel.

  • Vlogging channel –

A vlog is a video blog where you document what’s happening in your day.

Coming in at number 3 we have,

  • Arts & Crafts

Create youtube channel for Kids – For Arts & Crafts, you can do DIY’s and look on Pinterest for inspiration and be creative.

Get inspired and have fun with it!

And I have some pictures on my phone.

Here’s a picture of Cocoa.

Here’s a picture of a garbage can…with a Moustache.

On the next one, which is Product Un-boxing & Review.

  • Product Un-boxing & Review.

For product unboxing and Review, you can unbox a new toy or game on camera, and you can tell

them what you think about the product.

At number 5, we have a How-To Channel.

  • How-To

These kinds of channels are really popular because people are always searching how to do stuff.

Some how-to ideas are –

how to ride a bike or even how to eat spaghetti.

For number 6, you can start a comedy channel.

  • Comedy

You can make funny videos and you can do funny Skits, and you can also tell jokes.

Knock knock…who’s there? …Nobody.  …Nobody who? – (Crickets)

Coming in at number 7, you could open a gaming channel

  • Gaming –

some enjoyable games are scribble knots and Lego worlds.

For number 8 you can do music and singing

  • Music and Singing

Music and Singing  channel, like make music videos and sing your little hearts out – (Guitar playing)

So moving down the list to number 9 you could do an Informational or Educational channel.

  • Informational or Educational – (Create youtube channel for Kids)

Finally, at number 10, you can start a Demolition Channel.

  • Demolition Channel

People love to watch stuff being destroyed and demolition is where you just destroy things!

I hope you guys got some good ideas to start your own YouTube Channel.

Thank you for Reading…. See you next time!

Create youtube channel for Kids

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